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The Longest Distance is from the Head to the Heart

The Longest Distance is from the Head to the Heart

The Longest Distance is from the Head to the HeartThe Longest Distance is from the Head to the HeartThe Longest Distance is from the Head to the Heart

The Path to Happiness Resides Within




Qigong is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice that elicits a healing response within the body through repetitive and smooth movements and the use of deep breathing techniques.

Energy Healing

Healing technique in which soothing energy is channeling through the palms of the hands into the body.

Transformative Coaching

Helps you tap into your own internal wisdom, create balance and gain a clear perspective on your life. Catherine will guide you into transforming your life through inner child and parts work, understanding your bodily responses and unburdening your past. 


Our Dream


Co-Founders Catherine and Deron came together with a shared dream. This dream came to life with the creation of Head to Heart; a holistic healing center that takes a gentle approach on guiding people in the longest journey from the head to the heart. 

Head to Heart has a focus on healing for the general public but we also have a unique niche of partnering with first responders and the education system to offer stress management, Qigong and energy healing to these specific populations. Visit the schedule and appointments to book a session.  

In April of 2019, shortly after the creation of Head to Heart, Deron passed away... Catherine now carries on their collective dream through continued work in the field of healing and spreading love and kindness.

Catherine Hansen


Releasing childhood trauma, cultivating self-awareness of inner most thoughts, bodily sensations and reactions is the theme of Catherine’s self-healing journey.  Realizing she held the key to her healing is the main reason why transformational coaching and Qigong have resonated and impacted her life so profoundly.  Coaching has become a true passion as Catherine helps one unburden the past and bring to light a more gentle way to move through life.  Qigong on the other hand has a way of allowing people to simply notice and become in touch with their inner worlds. 

Catherine a certified Qigong Teacher, Coach and Healer brings her deep knowledge and understanding of energy healing modalities to the world through Qigong and other forms of energy healing. Catherine offers group classes as well as her true passion of one-on-one healing through coaching, energy healing and card readings. 

Deron Drumm


Deron will be forever deeply missed, loved and cherished. 

Deron was a certified teacher of qigong, tai chi, and meditation. He taught in many places including prisons, homeless shelters, psychiatric hospitals, and schools, and served as a stress management consultant for police departments. Deron’s journey had included healing from two strokes, open-heart surgery, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mental health struggles, and addiction. He found healing and inner peace by intentionally incorporating mind-body practices into his life.


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